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How To Use Pallets To Make Raised Beds

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There can be no doubt that upcycling is in vogue and pallet gardens certainly are very popular right now. For one, they’re very inexpensive as well as simple to build, and they can be located just about anywhere in your garden. You can leave pallet gardens up throughout the year or remove them at season’s end; it’s completely you’re call. What You’ll Need Chicken Wire 4 Wooden Pallets Wood Screws Garden Soil Quality Garden Gloves Cardboard Boxes Vegetable Starts Step 1. Begin by locating four solid pallets which...

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Outdoor Pests Driving You Buggy? Natural Ways To Kill The Bugs In Your Garden

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Outdoor pests can wreak havoc on your garden. You could use chemical pesticides but they can be harmful to your health. For a natural way to get rid of the pests that are destroying your garden, reach for some household products that you probably have in your kitchen. Here are some quick ways to get kill garden pests. Cabbage Worms Don’t let the name fool you. Cabbage worms will eat the leaves off all your cruciferous vegetables. This includes cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. Supplies You’ll Need Large holed shaker – the type...

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Commercial Flooring Choices

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If you’re considering commercial flooring installation for your office, business or shop, there are many materials to choose from. Picking the right floor for your circumstances will give you years of use and keep maintenance or repairs to a minimum. It should also be the safest, most comfortable choice possible. Plus, it should have the look that reflects you and your business. Vinyl Vinyl is one of the most popular commercial flooring choices, due to its low cost and durability. It’s very easy to install. Today’s vinyl now...

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3 Durable Types Of Flooring To Choose From When You Remodel A Basement

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There are several things that will make your basement last longer when you remodel so that it does not look worn easily. One of the most important things you can replace is the flooring. Here are 3 types of flooring that are durable and beautiful and that will last for many years. Laminate Laminate is one of the best types of flooring to consider when you are remodeling. It can go over tile, vinyl, or the basement floor easily, and can be laid in planks or pieces to make assembly easy. Also, laminate is a fraction of the cost of real wood...

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How To Clean Rugs

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Whether on tile or hardwood floors, area rugs can be useful and attractive. Yet, it doesn’t take long for an area rug to get dirty, especially if it’s receiving heavy traffic daily. There are several options when it comes to cleaning area rugs, including manually cleaning them or renting or purchasing a carpet cleaner to clean them. You should, however, clean area rugs at least monthly. Remember to always clean spots when they happen. What You’ll Need Cleaning Solution Vacuum Soft Brush, Rags Pan Carpet Cleaner Preparing the...

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Window Treatments: 4 Tips When Buying Curtains

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If you have windows in your home you need to cover, choosing curtains or draperies is a great option. There are many different design and style options, including hundreds of colors and patterns. They are easy to hang, and you can remove them to wash them and keep them fresh. Here are some tips for choosing the right curtains for your home. Remember the Visual Impact Curtains take up a good deal of wall space in your home, so it is important to consider each room’s style and current décor when choosing the right color and pattern of...

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3 Tips To Protect Valuables When Moving

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One of the most stressful things about moving is making sure that your valuables are protected. These valuables could be anything that has personal, monetary, or legal value. Many of these items are small and could easily be lost, stolen, or damaged in the shuffle. In order to make sure that you are able to make the move with all of your important possessions intact, follow these three tips. 1. Keep Anything Small on Your Person or in Your Vehicle Small items are the easiest to lose in the chaos of moving. In order to make sure that these are...

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Accident-Proofing: Four Tips To Prevent Injury To The Elderly In The Bathroom

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According to the Los Angeles Times, over 200 thousand accidents happen in the bathroom each year. This statistic includes everyone over the age of 15, but the same report does note that while only 1% of accidents occur in the bathroom, the number more than doubles for those over the age of 65. If you or a loved one is starting to have trouble moving around easily, here are four changes you can make to your bathroom to ensure everyone’s safety. Shower Enclosure If you don’t already have one, consider installing a standalone shower....

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