Repairing Your Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door can be an option that provides your home with a more luxurious and aesthetic bathroom. While glass shower doors are made to be extremely resistant to damage and very reliable, there are problems that homeowners may need to address with this feature of their bathroom.

The Door Failing To Stay Closed

A glass shower door that is unable to remain closed can pose some significant problems for your bathroom. For example, the door partially opening while you are showering could lead to significant water spilling onto the floor. When the glass shower door is unable to remain closed, it can indicate that there is a problem with the hinges. More precisely, loose hinges or clasps can prevent the door from securely closing, which may lead to it gradually opening over the course of the shower. If your glass shower door is suffering this problem, these components should be thoroughly checked to ensure all of the screws are tight, and they should be cleaned to remove any debris that may be interfering with their operation.

Leaking Around The Edges Or Along The Bottom Of The Shower Door

Leaking despite the door being closed is another problem that your shower may experience. To prevent water from being able to seep through the small gaps between the door and the shower enclosure, there is often a gasket or seal. As this component suffers wear, it can become too brittle to effectively close these gaps, or it may even crack. While water leaking out from the sides of the glass shower door can cause major damage to the bathroom, it is an affordable repair to make as these seals can be replaced. You can help to extend the lifespan of these seals by always using gentle cleaning agents. Harsh or acidic cleaning agents may be able to damage this seal and accelerate the deterioration process.

Physical Damage To The Glass

The glass that is used in the shower door will be impact and scratch-resistant. However, this does not mean that it will be impervious to damage. In fact, it can still be possible for this glass to become damaged due to impacts with items or furniture that may be near the shower enclosure. This is especially common when the toilet or countertop is in the path of the shower door. If your door suffers this damage, it will likely have to be replaced to restore the enclosure. Luckily, replacing a damaged door can be a quick repair for a glass shower enclosure contractor to complete.

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