Take Care Of Scratches On Your Wooden Coffee Table With These Useful Tips

If you have a wooden coffee table, there is a good chance that over time, it has been scratched and nicked. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make those marks less noticeable, so that your coffee table can keep looking beautiful. Here are just some tips to try.

Use Lemon Juice

If you have a surface scratch that seems to only affect the finish, the first thing you can try to get the scratch out is lemon juice. Simply squeeze a few drops into the scratch and rub it with a lint cloth until the scratch disappears. For better results, you might try mixing the lemon juice with a bit of olive oil before applying it to the scratch.

Rub the Scratch with a Nut

Another thing you can do to deal with a scratch in your coffee table is to use a nut. When you crack a nut and rub the meat along the crack, you may find that the crack is no longer visible. Brazil nuts and almonds often give the best results.

Use Eyeliner

If you or your spouse uses eyeliner, you might want to try applying some to any nicks and scratches in the coffee table. Brown eyeliner can often mask the scratches so they don't seem noticeable.

Stain with Coffee Grounds

One of the better ways to deal with a scratch in your coffee table is to stain it with coffee grounds. To do this, dip a cotton swab into damp, used coffee grounds, and "draw" along the crack with the cotton swab. If the color is too light, wait a bit for it to dry, and then do the whole process again to make it darker.

Shoe Polish

Liquid shoe polish is another things you can do to erase the look of nicks and scratches on your coffee table. Dab a bit of polish into the crack with a cotton swab, and the scratch should seem to disappear.

Try Art Supplies

Markers, paint and crayons can help erase the look of scratches in a pinch. Just be sure that you use artist supplies of the waterproof variety, so that whatever you use doesn't stain things that you put on your coffee table.

Use the tips above to make sure to deal with any scratches and nicks on your wooden coffee table. If you have more serious repairs that need to be done, have a furniture repair shop take a look and determine how best to take care of your table.