How To Use Pallets To Make Raised Beds

There can be no doubt that upcycling is in vogue and pallet gardens certainly are very popular right now. For one, they're very inexpensive as well as simple to build, and they can be located just about anywhere in your garden. You can leave pallet gardens up throughout the year or remove them at season's end; it's completely you're call. What You'll Need Chicken Wire 4 Wooden Pallets [Read More]

Outdoor Pests Driving You Buggy? Natural Ways To Kill The Bugs In Your Garden

Outdoor pests can wreak havoc on your garden. You could use chemical pesticides but they can be harmful to your health. For a natural way to get rid of the pests that are destroying your garden, reach for some household products that you probably have in your kitchen. Here are some quick ways to get kill garden pests. Cabbage Worms Don't let the name fool you. Cabbage worms will eat the leaves off all your cruciferous vegetables. [Read More]

Commercial Flooring Choices

If you're considering commercial flooring installation for your office, business or shop, there are many materials to choose from. Picking the right floor for your circumstances will give you years of use and keep maintenance or repairs to a minimum. It should also be the safest, most comfortable choice possible. Plus, it should have the look that reflects you and your business. Vinyl Vinyl is one of the most popular commercial flooring choices, due to its low cost and durability. [Read More]

3 Durable Types Of Flooring To Choose From When You Remodel A Basement

There are several things that will make your basement last longer when you remodel so that it does not look worn easily. One of the most important things you can replace is the flooring. Here are 3 types of flooring that are durable and beautiful and that will last for many years. Laminate Laminate is one of the best types of flooring to consider when you are remodeling. It can go over tile, vinyl, or the basement floor easily, and can be laid in planks or pieces to make assembly easy. [Read More]