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3 Tips for Purchasing a Walk-In Tub to Modify Your Bathroom for a Person with Disabilities

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If you or a loved one you live with is disabled or elderly, the current bathrooms in your home may be hazardous. Luckily, there are many modifications that can be made to make a bathroom safer and easier to use for someone with limited mobility. One of the top modifications includes replacing a standard shower and tub with a walk-in tub. Use the following tips to purchase a walk-in tub for your home: Consult a Plumber Before you invest in a walk-in tub, it is important to consult a plumber to learn how the plumbing system is set up in the bathroom and determine which type of tub will work in the room. A plumber will be able to advise you on the cost of installation; purchasing a walk-in tub that works with the current plumbing setup is the most economical option. If you need to completely change the pipes in order to have the tub installed, you can expect higher costs.  Set a Budget There is a wide variety of walk-in tubs available, and they range from basic to top of the line, luxury models. Figure out exactly what you need before shopping for a walk-in tub. Some people need built-in grab bars and hand-held shower faucets, while other people may not require these features. After you determine what you need in a walk-in tub, you can then set your budget. Don’t forget to include the cost of installing the tub when determining how much you can realistically afford to spend. Understand Warranties and Return Policies Walk-in tubs tend to be more complicated than standard bathtubs, especially if you buy a luxury model, so it is important to purchase one with a good warranty. You will be happy to have that warranty if you encounter any problems with the water tight seals or the water pump in the tub. When looking at the warranty, understand exactly what it covers and what you need to do if you need repairs.  Some companies offer returns on walk-in tubs, while others don’t. Since walk-in tubs can be expensive, many people feel more comfortable knowing that it can be returned if needed. If you find a great deal on a quality walk-in tub, but the company does not offer returns, make sure that you have the correct measurements before you make the purchase.  For more information about walk-in tubs and the features that will best suit your needs, talk to a company like Bath Planet...

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Outdoor Candle Lantern Ideas For A Wedding Reception

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Few things are more romantic than the soft glow of candles on a warm evening. If you’re holding your wedding reception outdoors, consider lighting up the night with charming candle lanterns rather than bright, electric bulbs. To reduce the risk of a fire hazard, especially if you live in a dry climate, you can use LED candles instead of the real thing. LED candles will give off the same warm glow and will last all night. Depending on how much time you have to create the decor and the size of your budget, you can either buy the candle lanterns or make them yourself using everyday items.  Here are a few outdoor wedding reception candle lantern ideas to consider: 1. Glass and Wrought Iron Lanterns Popular glass and wrought-iron lanterns have a classic look, making them ideal for both elegant and rustic receptions. The lanterns’ glass doors open, so you can place tealights or pillar candles, along with some other decor items such as faux ivy or glass beads, into them.  These lanterns are easy to customize and can hang from tree branches, barn rafters, or wherever else they’re needed. 2. Glass Jar Lanterns Homemade glass jar lanterns will give your wedding celebration a rustic-chic touch. Start with either clear or blue glass mason jars, and fill the bottoms with small pebbles, sand, or glass gems, depending on the reception theme. Place a tealight or votive candle into each jar. Next, wrap a piece of wire around the neck of each jar, and attach handmade wire handles to them for hanging.  3. Tin Can Lanterns  Another fast and simple way to lend a charming, country-inspired look to your outdoor reception is with tin can lanterns. Start by peeling the labels off of aluminum cans, completely removing the lids, and thoroughly cleaning them out with soap and water. Then use a metal puncher to create small designs, such as hearts or stars, all over the can. When you place tealights or votive candles in the lanterns, the light will shine through the patterns. Create a wire handle for hanging using the same method as the glass jar lanterns.  4. Glass Tealight Ball Lanterns  As one more inexpensive and easy idea, buy several clear glass tealight balls, which are hand-blown spheres with small openings in the front. They will give the outdoor space a sophisticated touch when hung from tree branches over the dining table.  After the reception, you can use the holders for hanging air plants in your home.  For more information, contact Alive With Items or a similar...

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How to Remove Pet-Urine Odors Completely When Replacing Your Carpet

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If you have a dog that has wet all over your carpet, replacing the carpet will help with the odors, but it might not eliminate the smell completely. There are a couple extra steps you may need to do before getting your new carpet installed, and here are a few of the most important things you should consider doing. Remove All the Padding There are times when people replace carpet in a room and leave the existing padding to be reused with the new carpet. If your dog has urinated on your carpet, you will not be able to do this. You will have to remove all the old padding along with the carpet because the padding will also contain urine. If you leave the padding, you will not get rid of the urine odors in your home. Check the Subfloor The subfloor is the flooring material you will find under the padding, and subfloor is typically made of wood. While this wooden floor will not become smelly from just one or two pet accidents, but it can begin getting stinky if a pet continually wets on the carpet. This is because wood is porous. In other words, it absorbs liquids. Each time the urine soaks through your carpet and padding, it will end up saturating the wood. If you want to make sure you totally eliminate the urine smells, you should get down on the floor and smell the wood subfloor to see if it stinks. In addition, you should look for signs of staining on it. If you see stains, they are likely from the urine. In this situation, you will need to remove the entire subfloor and replace it with new wood. This can cost a significant amount of extra money, but it will be the only way to get rid of pet smells. If you are afraid your dog will continue having accidents, you may want to take one additional step. This extra step is sealing your new subfloor. You can do this by painting several coats of paint on it. If your dog wets on your new carpet and it seeps through, it will not be able to penetrate into the wood. This means that your new subfloor should never have to be replaced in the future. Replacing carpet in a home is a big job, but it can make a difference with the way your house smells. To learn more, contact a carpet installation company such as Carpet Depot...

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Pest Control 101: 3 Visible Signs Of Termites

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Termites are silent invaders that enter your home, colonize, and feast on the wood. As you might expect, these tiny insects can cause huge problems for your home. From structural damage to minor cracks or holes, termites can easily eat their way throughout the wood in your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Unfortunately, termites are often hard to detect. Luckily, there are some telltale signs that will notify you that you need termite control immediately. So what signs should you be looking for? Here are three warning signs that you might be sharing your house with termites: 1. Insect Wings Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs of termites are insect wings. During their reproductive cycle, they will swarm. However, they only fly for a short distance—so if they are already in your home, you’ll likely see the aftermath. After flying, they’ll take their wings off. If there is a colony living in your home, you’ll likely find piles of these insect wings. Usually the wings will be located near windows and doorways, as they attempt to enter (or leave) your home. You can tell they are termite wings, and not ant wings, because both wings will be the same size. 2. Small Tubes Another sign of termites are small tubes throughout your lawn—or anywhere dirt meets your home. However, you might also find these tubes near food sources, such as trees. Also known as mud tubes, these small tubes are where the termites live. The tubes create a humid environment, which termites thrive in. If you find any of these tubes on your property, carefully remove a section of the tube with a small shovel or hoe. If termites begin walking out of the tube, you have a live colony on your property. If not, it’s still worth calling an exterminator; as the termites may have simply relocated. 3. Fecal Matter Finally, you might also notice fecal matter in your home. Termite feces is small and wood colored. It has the appearance of sawdust. So if you notice anything that looks like sawdust in your home—and it shouldn’t be there—it’s likely that you have a termite infestation. While termites can cause serious issues with your home, they can be controlled. If you believe you have termites, contact a termite control specialist for help. These professionals can help eliminate the termites and prevent them from returning....

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4 Things You Need To Know About Hanging Curtains

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If you just purchased your first house, one way to really class it up and give your home its own personality is by hanging up curtains. Here are four things you need to know about hanging up curtains in your new home. #1 Layer Your Shades You don’t have to just put up a single layer of curtains; you can layer your curtains. For example, you can put some semi-transparent curtains close to your windows, and then put a thicker type of curtain on another rod above the first curtain rod. That way, when you want more light in but still want your windows covered up, you can open the first set of curtains and reveal the second set underneath. Or, when you want to close your curtains to keep out the heat or cold, you can have both sets closed. Semi-transparent curtains, bamboo shades, and roman shades work great as an underlay beneath thicker, traditional curtains. #2 Hang Your Shades Up High Even if your windows are small, you can create the illusion inside of your house that it is full of room length windows by using long shades that you hang above your windows. For example, if there is about two feet of wall space between your window and the ceiling, hang your top curtain rod (if you decide to layer the curtains) about a foot and a half about your window. Leaving a little space between your wall and your window can create almost an imaginary border around your home; of course, you can also put the curtains just a few inches below your ceiling if you really want the complete floor-to-to ceiling effect. Just make sure that the curtains you purchase are long enough to cover your windows and go almost all the way to the ground. #3 Leave Room Underneath When purchasing your curtains and determining how high you want to place them, think about where they will fall. If you want to be able to easily clean under your windows, you should make sure that your curtains fall a couple of inches above the floor. If that is not a concern for you, you can have your curtains brush the floor. If your curtains brush the floor you may need to wash them more frequently as they will pick up dirt from the floor. #4 Go Wide Finally, it is also smart to go little wide when hanging your curtains. When you hang up your curtain rods, you may want to put the hooks for the rods into the wall six to twelve inches past the edge of your window; generally, the rod will extend past the hooks. When you do this, the curtains you hang up will be able to complete cover the front and sides of your windows. If you ever want to open your curtains, it will also give you space to pull back the curtains fully so that your entire window is exposed. Contact a business that specializes in drapery for more information....

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3 Reasons To Add Extra Sun Protection At Home With New Blinds

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Getting blinds installed at home can make a big difference in how comfortable you are since they can help adjust the temperature inside while providing privacy, but you may be unaware of how they can provide sun protection. Even when indoors, both you and your belongings require sun protection, especially near any windows. Luckily, you can make sure you get the sun protection you want and enjoy the following benefits when you get blinds installed. Easy to Open and Close as Needed One of the most enticing reasons to choose blinds over heavy drapes or shutters is how easy they are to open and close. In fact, you’ll be happy to know that blinds can weigh very little, allowing you to control just how open you want the blinds to be at the time. This is ideal for adjusting the blinds as needed throughout the day as the sunlight moves. Thickness Varies to Allow in as Much or as Little Light as Needed Another reason to choose blinds over other forms of window treatments is the fact that you can choose a variation that has the thickness you want. Whether you choose vinyl or wood blinds, you can pick them with the thickness in mind, helping to control how much light filters in. When shopping for blinds, make sure to consider the weight of the blinds and each individual piece—two factors that will go a long way towards how much light still filters in. These two factors alone will ensure that you get the room darkening effect you want, while helping to block out the sunlight. Can Be Doubled with Curtains Hung Over the Blinds Unlike some window treatments such as shutters, blinds are a good choice for combining with other treatments to provide extra style and some protection. For example, the most common combination is blinds and curtains, allowing you to adjust both on their own so that you can control how much sunlight comes in. With the inclusion of blinds and curtains, you can have a stylish new feature in any room in the house and provide some protection you like for both you, your family, and your furniture inside. If you’re curious how blinds can be beneficial for your home, it’s good idea to consider just how harmful the sun can be when beating into your home each day. With this in mind, you can move forward with getting new blinds installed. Talk to a company like Cover Up Designs to learn...

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Three Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Mower

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Push mowers, like those from Joe’s Tractor Sales Inc, can get expensive depending on all the bells and whistles you want on it. This is why it is so important that you keep up with the maintenance a push mower requires so you don’t have to keep purchasing a new one every several years. This can mean the difference between it lasting only 5 years and going strong for over 10 years. The average lawnmower lasts around 8 to 10 years with proper maintenance. Of course, there are many variables for the life expectancy of a push mower. How tall the grass is and how often it is cut are just two of the variables you should consider. The most important variable is the maintenance performed on the push mower. In order to prolong the life expectancy, you will want to make sure you are performing these tasks on your mower.  Sharpen the Blades Keeping your blades sharp not only helps your grass from becoming diseased, but it will also ensure that you get a clean cut every time you mow. When the blades are dull it tears the grass instead of cutting it. Torn grass is more prone to diseases. It also means you will likely be cutting the grass more often when you do not get a crisp, clean cut. In order to sharpen the blades, you want to use a sharpening stone, a metal file, or a motorized grinder. By running one of these over the blade, it will help make the blade sharper. Doing this at the start of mowing season will help ensure your blades are sharp.  Change the Oil Just like a car, your lawn mower’s oil is susceptible to getting impurities in it. You want to make sure that you change the oil often to help remove the impurities so they do not get in the engine and cause problems. If not, it could cause the engine to overheat or fail earlier than it should. Your lawn mower’s owner’s manual will explain how the oil should be changed. You will want to first remove the bad oil before putting the good oil in it.  Watch Your Gas Gas can be hard on small engines, especially when it contains ethanol. To help avoid premature failure, you want to make sure the gas doesn’t sit in the tank for long without being used. When mowing season is done and you plan to put the mower up for a while, you want to remove all the fuel. This is because fuel in the tank will degrade over time and start to harden. By removing the fuel at the end of mowing season, you can start the next year’s season with fresh fuel for your...

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Do You Work As A School Janitor? Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes

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If you work as a school janitor, you are likely on your feet a lot every day. If you wear the wrong shoes, it can cause many feet problems, such as bunions, bone spurs, hammer toe, and ingrown nails. To keep this from happening to you, below are some tips to help you choose the right shoes for your feet. The Fit The proper fit of your shoes is one of the most important things. The sides of the shoes should be able to absorb shock. This will prevent injury to your ankles, balls of your feet, and your heels. The shoes should also have adequate cushioning. This will not only make the shoes more comfortable for you, but it will also help to hold your feet in place while you are performing your duties. This is especially true if you work in a very large school, as you would be walking a lot more. To prevent athlete’s foot and dry skin, make sure the shoes have good air circulation. The proper fit is also important as you will be on damp floors when you mop. Being a school janitor means you will likely have to clean up many spills. For example, a child in the bathroom may press the soap dispenser on purpose, which would make a very slippery surface. Children also often spill things like their milk or other drinks. If your shoes are too small, they will be cramped, which will reduce your balance. Shoes that are too big will get caught on the floor. Make sure the shoes you purchase have non-slick soles. This will make it easier for you to work on any surface.  Made with Durable Materials If you have shoes that are not made with durable materials, the soles and liners will break down easily, which would cause uneven treads. If this happens to your shoes, this will cause pain in your back, knees, and ankles. Walking on shoes with uneven treads can also cause you to trip and fall, as you would be a little off balance. When you’re hard at work, you don’t want to have to worry about your shoes. Make sure you keep a good eye on your shoes, and replace them as soon as you see them wearing out. Your jr janitorial service may offer to give you shoes. If so, make sure they are the right ones for...

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No Small Parts, Just Small Theaters: Setting Up A Home Theater In A Tiny Bedroom

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If you have a small room in your home, you may have trouble with ideas on what to do with it. Though a smaller than average room may be designated as a bedroom, if it is too small it may not be feasible as a long term bedroom for someone who may need space. If you want to do something fun with your tiny bedroom, consider making your fun size bedroom into a home theater room. Here are some tips on creating a big screen room in a small space. Suspend your projector and screen from the ceiling In such a small room, you will need to do anything possible to save space. Instead of putting your projector on a stand, you should suspend your home theater projector from the ceiling. Make sure to line up the projector and the screen so that it will display evenly and completely. You can suspend the projector by chains in a manner similar to chandeliers or you can hang a ceiling projection holder to keep it stationary.  Keep the seating close together and close to the ground The best way to make sure that there is plenty of space in a small room is to keep the seating together instead of having separate chairs. For your tiny theater, consider a couch that expands the entire wall opposite of the screen. If the room is too narrow to take a long sectional sofa, look for bean bag seats or large cushions that can work as seating for the theater room. You want to make sure to keep the seating away from the screen and low so that everyone in the room can easily see the screen, even if it is smaller than usual. Install a sound bar The good thing about a small bedroom is that sound is much easier to project. Instead of large speakers, one sound bar pushed against the same wall as the projector will work for your speakers. A small table or a floating shelf can hold the bar, so that the sound is not pointed towards the ground and is not muffled. Be sure that the sound bar and the shelf that holds the bar are slim and do not protrude farther than a foot from the wall to keep the used space at a minimum. Add snacks to the corner Although you may have to skimp on the seating and on the size of the equipment, one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is the snacks. Place an old fashioned popcorn maker in one of the corners of the room. Beside the seating area, store a miniature cooler that can hold a few cans of soda, juice, or water. Having available snacks and comfortable seating will make your small square foot theater the perfect place to relax for a tiny...

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Four Contemporary Furniture Solutions For Small Spaces

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Having a small house or apartment doesn’t mean you have to skimp on great-looking furniture. With the right contemporary furniture additions, you can create a stunning space in your small home. Here are some essential pieces you can use to update your decor without overwhelming your space. Nesting Table And Chair Sets Nesting table and chair sets conserve space in your dining room or eat-in kitchen while still providing ample room for serving meals to your family or guests. When not in use, the chairs tuck neatly under the table to create an uncluttered look in your room. You can select from traditional-height tables and chairs, or for a multi-functional addition to your kitchen, opt for a kitchen island with nesting chairs or stools. The island can be used for food prep and cleared off to serve your meals. Platform Storage Beds Platform storage beds offer a contemporary look for your space while delivering the extra storage space you need. These beds have built-in drawers, which eliminate the need for dressers and chests of drawers in a small bedroom. Consider a bed with a storage headboard that offers additional space for storing books and personal items. Sectional Sleeper Sofas Sectional sleeper sofas act as an all-in-one addition to your space. You can find contemporary models that combine a sofa, loveseat and ottoman, giving you more seating space in a small room. With the built-in sleeper bed, the sectional provides a place to rest at night. These sofas are ideal for studio apartments or for small homes that do not have a guest room. Some models include built-in console areas at the corner of the sectional that give you and end table without taking up any extra room in your home. Bunk Bed/Desk Combos A modern take on the classic bunk bed, the bunk bed/desk combo lets you combine your home office and your sleeping area. The desk area is positioned where the traditional bottom bunk would be, ad the bed is on the top bunk. This piece is ideal for a teen’s bedroom, creating a place to study without taking up extra space in the bedroom. You can also add this contemporary piece to a spare bedroom so you can combine your guest bedroom and home office space. Visit your nearest contemporary furniture store to see which of these pieces fits in your space. With so many space-saving modern designs, there are sure to be a few pieces you fall in love with for your small apartment or house. For contemporary furniture, contact a company such as Modern Home 2...

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