Furnish Your Space With A Little Help From "Family Guy"

Not sure how you want to furnish and style a space in your home? Take a clue from one of television's most iconic cast of characters: the guys from "Family Guy." As close as these friends are, their home's interior styles could not be more different.

Some of the distinctive styles seen on this show include these interior designs:

Peter's perfunctory palace.

In typical Peter fashion, the TV set is the focal point of the room, but there are some accents such as fresh flowers and Lois' piano, that give the room a traditional style. Peter's palace is not only styled for comfort at the end of a long day, but also must maintain functionality to accommodate his wife, three kids, and dog. There are a few basic furnishings and features that stand-out when entering Peter's home, which could be replicated to create your own simple, lived-in style.

Some ways to achieve the comfort and function of Peter's place include:

  • Overstuffed sofa in soft, muted tones.
  • Oval braided rugs.
  • High-tech sound system.
  • Ceiling-high shelving for books.

Quagmire's modern man-cave.

Glen Quagmire's home is like taking a step back in time. The retro style and unique furnishings make this man-cave fun and alluring, and the perfect spot for this single pilot to entertain his guests. If you have a fondness for that 70's look, than take some style tips from Quahog's most eligible bachelor.

Some features of Quagmire's modern bachelor pad include:

  • A sleek, contemporary sofa.
  • A padded bar.
  • Pole lighting.
  • Retro metal fireplace.

Cleveland's contemporary cottage.

Before making the move to Virginia and leaving the show for his own spin-off,  Cleveland's home seemed more like a model construction, very similar in design to others in the area. Once in Virginia, Cleveland's home took on an updated cottage style, with some distinctive accents, such as a big bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table. The comfort of his home can't compromise function, as Cleveland and his wife Beverly have a large extended family, which they entertain often.

Other features of Cleveland's cottage include:

  • Custom millwork, including chair rails.
  • Low-standing cocktail tables.
  • Wing-back chairs.
  • Stained glass lamps.
  • A retro dinette set.

Recreate the comfort of Peter's retro, overstuffed sofa, or the sleek style of Quagmire's modern seating arrangement in your own home. Visit furniture retailers to find a few base pieces, and then accent and add according to your lifestyle and personal tastes. Take some furniture inspiration from one of television's most iconic, and distinctive, cast ensembles.

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