Why Your Wedding Reception Should Have Wildflower Seeds As Party Favors

Are you getting married in the next year or two? Are you actively planning out your wedding and what will be done during and after the wedding? With so many different choices around, it can sometimes be difficult to pick just one option for your ceremony. Fortunately, as far as picking favors for the reception afterward goes, you are certainly free to pick multiple options if you want. But even with the ability to choose several items to give away, sometimes it's still not easy to make a decision. To help you with that, here are some reasons why you should consider giving away wildflower seeds as one of the items in your favors:

Symbolism: Giving away candy or things like personalized pens are nice, but in the long run they don't actually mean all that much. On the other hand, seeds are the promise of a new life. Just as you and your spouse are about to embark upon a new life together, wildflower seed mixes promise to sprout and add beauty to the wherever they're planted. Once the planted seeds start to grow, your guests will see the flowers and be reminded of you and your wedding.

Easy to care for: While you could give away fruit & vegetable seeds or some other type of seeds, that may not be the best idea. Regular garden seeds can be a bit of a white elephant gift, requiring more care than your guests might have anticipated. They might love tomatoes, green beans, or zinnias, but they might not be aware of just how much time and energy it takes to make sure that those plants are growing healthy and strong. If they inadvertently allow the garden seeds to get eaten or forget to water them, your guests may feel bad because the seeds were a gift. Wildflower seed mixes, however, are filled with flowers that need no care at all. If your guests have no room to grow the seeds that they are given, they could even sprinkle them on a nearby empty lot, common area, or patch by the side of the road. Assuming nobody mistakes them for weeds and pulls them up, the wildflowers should still sprout and grow without any further assistance.

Different varieties: If you've only seen a few wildflower seed mixes in a retail store, you can be forgiven for thinking that they're all the same. But the "best" wildflowers will vary depending on where in the country that they're going to be grown. Instead of just picking a mix off the shelf where you are, one that will be tailored to your area, consider going online to purchase several different wildflower seed mixes suited to where your guests live. For example, you might pick a midwestern mix for some of your guests and a southwestern desert mix for others. The appropriate wildflower mixes will make care even easier and may make it more likely that your guests will actually plant the seeds.