Benefits Above-Ground Hot Tubs Can Provide

Adding a hot tub to your property can provide you with an ideal space to relax. However, individuals may assume that inground hot tubs are always the superior option, and this can overlook some important advantages that can be enjoyed by choosing an above-ground hot tub.

Less Excavation Work

The most obvious benefit of an above-ground hot tub will be the fact that it can be installed with significantly less excavation. When installing an inground hot tub, a fairly large and deep hot will have to be prepared. This can be remarkably disruptive as it can make the installation of the hot tub take much longer, and it can also contribute to substantial landscaping damage. Above-ground hot tubs will require minimal soil preparation before being installed. Generally, this will simply be to make sure the site is as flat as possible so that the hot tub will be level. 

Easier Damage Inspections

While a hot tub can be a durable addition to your property, it is possible for the shell of the hot tub to suffer damage at some point. In most cases, this will be in the form of small cracks or leaks that may have to be sealed to stop the water from seeping out. This type of damage can be far more difficult to notice with inground hot tubs as the owner may only realize there is a leak when the water starts to drop at a much faster rate than what can be attributed to evaporation. An above-ground hot tub will be much easier to recognize when these issues are developing as you may be able to see the leak itself or a small puddle of water on the ground in the vicinity of the leak. This can enable you to act more quickly to have the hot tub repaired to stop the leak from worsening.

Easy To Access

Some people might be concerned that an above-ground hot tub will be difficult to access. In particular, those with mobility issues may be especially concerned about the difficulty of safely getting into the above-ground hot tub. Luckily, these units are designed to be very easy for individuals to safely enter. For example, they will have a series of gradual stairs that can allow individuals to enter the hot tub. Furthermore, these stairs will have non-slip surfaces on them to greatly increase the traction that you get when it is wet. For those with especially severe mobility issues, some hot tubs may even be fitted with a mobility ramp.

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