Five Common Repairs Your Chimney May Need

Having a chimney regularly inspected is crucial for homes that have them. Chimneys can develop problems that will need to be repaired since ignoring them can lead to much bigger repairs down the road. Here are a few types of chimney repairs you definitely do not want to ignore. 

Crown Repair

The chimney crown is a slab of masonry or concrete that sits at the very top of your chimney. Its job is to protect a chimney from the weather, but it can develop cracks over time that weaken it. This will allow water to get into the chimney, which will cause problems with moisture that need to be fixed. In some situations, moisture damage can lead to the chimney having major structural damage and require the chimney to be rebuilt. 

Liner Replacement

There is a liner within the chimney that protects the interior barrier, and that liner can become cracked over time. Any cracked liner will need to be replaced with a new one so that the hazardous gasses produced by the chimney leave at the top of your home. You'll also reduce the risk of having a chimney fire and ensure that all gasses are being ventilated properly. 

Cap Repair

The chimney cap sits at the very top of the chimney. Its job is to prevent water, debris, and animals from getting into the chimney, which can obstruct the airflow and cause some serious problems to your home. Thankfully, replacing the cap is a very straightforward job, and it can help keep everything out of the chimney that doesn't belong there. Even a small crack in the cap can be enough to allow rainwater to seep through without your knowledge

Flashing Repair

There will be places around your chimney where flashing is used to connect the roofing material to the chimney itself. This flashing can deteriorate over time, or become loose and no longer attached to the side of the chimney. Any damaged or deteriorated flashing needs to be fixed so that there is a barrier where the roofing material meets the chimney, 

Smoke Chamber Repair

The chimney's smoke chamber is below the flu and above the main firebox, and it is the place where smoke will gather before it's vented to the outside. A smoke chamber that is broken can obstruct airflow, which will cause smoke to linger within your home longer than necessary. Repairing the smoke chamber will improve the overall airflow so that your home smells less like smoke when you have a fire in the fireplace. 

For more information on chimney repair services, contact a professional near you.