3 Tips To Protect Valuables When Moving

One of the most stressful things about moving is making sure that your valuables are protected. These valuables could be anything that has personal, monetary, or legal value. Many of these items are small and could easily be lost, stolen, or damaged in the shuffle. In order to make sure that you are able to make the move with all of your important possessions intact, follow these three tips.

1. Keep Anything Small on Your Person or in Your Vehicle

Small items are the easiest to lose in the chaos of moving. In order to make sure that these are not lost, keep them with you. For example, any important papers that could be mistaken as trash, like birth certificates, social security cards, or deeds, can be stored in a folder and then carried into the new property in a backpack. Jewelry is another easy, valuable item to take with you when you personally make the move. You could put it in a sealed container, or simply bring your entire jewelry box with you into the property. 

2. Get a Mover With Insurance

Unfortunately, not every valuable item can be carried with you personally. Larger items, such as antique furniture, paintings, or sculptures will need to be transported in the moving van. This can be cause for alarm. To increase your peace of mind, make sure that you find a moving company that has an insurance policy. They will usually ask you for the value of each of the items that they are transporting and will make arrangements to provide an insurance policy for those items. If you have especially valuable items that you need to make sure don't get damaged, such as a Monet painting, you may need to purchase an additional insurance policy.

3. Get Professionals to Wrap any Large Valuables

The last way that you can make sure that your valuables are safe is to have them wrapped up professionally. Sometimes, the moving company will be able to provide this services. If they are not, contact local art dealers who have experience with such jobs. They are usually willing to make sure that art and antiques are not damaged, sometimes for a small fee and sometimes for free.

By taking these precautions, you can feel safe knowing that the items that matter the most to you will make it to your new property safe and sound. Contact a local moving company, like Wheaton World Wide Moving, for more information on insurance policies and the services that they provide.