Window Treatments: 4 Tips When Buying Curtains

If you have windows in your home you need to cover, choosing curtains or draperies is a great option. There are many different design and style options, including hundreds of colors and patterns. They are easy to hang, and you can remove them to wash them and keep them fresh. Here are some tips for choosing the right curtains for your home.

Remember the Visual Impact

Curtains take up a good deal of wall space in your home, so it is important to consider each room's style and current décor when choosing the right color and pattern of curtains. If you are just going with a white sheer curtain, that looks great in just about any room. However, when you start getting into bold patterns and bright solid colors, you should be aware of the impact they will make.

A good rule of thumb is to choose solid curtains in a room with a lot of patterns, and patterned curtains in a room with a lot of solids. If your living room sofa has patterns of different types and colors, choose one color and get solid curtains for that room.

Measure the Windows

This may seem like a given, but many people forget to measure their windows and end up getting the wrong size of curtain. Many curtains are only sold in one size, but do you need two, three or even four panels for your window or sliding glass doors? This is why you need to measure them. Some bedroom windows look great with two panels, while wider windows might need three or four panels to cover the entire span of the windows. Take measurements and bring them with you when you start shopping.

Bigger is Better

You don't want curtains that are exactly the same size as your windows, because it will look awkward. They always look better when slightly wider and longer than your windows. For the width, take your measurements and get curtains at least double that size. For the length, you want a small puddle of curtain on the floor, as it provides a nice elegant look. They can barely skim the floor if you prefer, but they should never be shorter than the floor. You are safer getting curtains that are too long and hemming them.

Choose Functional Curtains

Not only do curtains provide a beautiful and streamlined look to your home, but they have some functional qualities as well. If you are getting curtains for your bedroom, consider blackout curtains. They have the same great look as other curtains, but include an extra blackout panel to keep out the bright sunlight early in the morning before you wake up. They are also ideal for mid-day naps. For other rooms in your home, you might want to keep the temperature cool by choosing a curtain with a cotton lining. Visit sites like for more ideas.