How To Use Pallets To Make Raised Beds

There can be no doubt that upcycling is in vogue and pallet gardens certainly are very popular right now. For one, they're very inexpensive as well as simple to build, and they can be located just about anywhere in your garden. You can leave pallet gardens up throughout the year or remove them at season's end; it's completely you're call.

What You'll Need

  • Chicken Wire

  • 4 Wooden Pallets

  • Wood Screws

  • Garden Soil

  • Quality Garden Gloves

  • Cardboard Boxes

  • Vegetable Starts

Step 1. Begin by locating four solid pallets which you'll need to build a pallet garden. While you can purchase wooden pallets for about $10 from most lumber yards, if you're looking to save some cash try checking behind big box or department stores. Often, you'll discover discarded pallets around the dumpster or recycling bins.

Step 2. Wooden pallets often come in different sizes, but 4 by 4 square feet is the size that is most common. Since you'll require four pallets to complete this project, look for pallets that are similar in size.

Step 3. If you find that the pallets you've chosen are too large for the area, it's possible to reduce the height of a pallet garden simply by sawing off a few slats to allow for a size that is more manageable.

Step 4. In order to end up with a uniform structure, ensure that the pallets you've selected are all the same length and width prior to attempting to piece them together.

Step 5. After you've cut your pallets to the right size, stand them all up to form a square.

Step 6. Use the wood screws to attach the pallet ends together, starting at the top, then the center, and finally the bottom. You can make sure that the pallets are properly together and study by rocking them a bit.

Step 7. You're now finally ready to add soil and then plants to your garden.

Step 8. Begin by laying down a cardboard layer which will kill existing grasses or weeds. This one small preventive measure will greatly reduce the number of weeds inside your garden for many months. Now, add garden soil to fill up the bottom of the pallet bed. Go up to the first set of slats with the soil.

Step 9. To make best use of your growing area, consider inserting 2-3 plants in each pallet opening. Do this the entire way around the pallet. After you've planted on the sides of the pallet, select a few plants for the center pallet area. Pumpkins, tomatoes or zucchini are all great choices since they usually expand in width and height while they're growing.

If you need any help preparing your yard for planting or selecting plants that will grow well in your area, consult with a landscaper from a service like Master Landscape.