What To Expect From An Antique Appraisal

Do you have an antique dresser that has been in the family for generations? Are you wondering how much your beloved family heirloom is worth? Here are some things that can happen when you take your furniture in for an antique appraisal:

Hardware examination: Replaced hardware might affect the price of your dresser, so when you have an antique appraisal done, the appraiser will look to see if the drawer pulls, screws and nails are original to the piece. They'll look for a tell-tale ring around around a drawer pull that's been recently replaced. They may also remove the pulls so they can examine the finish underneath. They'll also examine the hardware for signs of rust. Older hardware often turns brown when rusted because of its higher iron content, while newer hardware might show a slight orange hue if artificially aged. The expert will also examine the screws or nails holding the dresser together to see if they were hand made. Machine made hardware could indicate that the piece has had repairs or modifications, or it could signify that the entire piece is fake. They'll look for nails that aren't symmetrical to the piece, because they could signal a repair hidden by paint.   

Drawer examination: The antique appraisal may also entail taking all the drawers out and laying them side by side. They do this to compare the colors on the underside, as the drawer closest to the floor is often be darker than the one furthest away. This is because dirt, grease, smoke and moisture usually circulate from the floor up. The expert will look to see if all the drawers are made of the same wood, or if there have been replacements made. They will also compare the back of the drawer to the front of the dresser to see if the unit is made of the same type of wood throughout. Antique dressers may be made of expensive wood in the front and inexpensive woods in places that won't show when the piece is in use. 

Correct valuation: If you've watched appraisal shows on television, you may have been confused when the professionals used different terms to set an item's value. A consultation with an expert like Bucks County Estate Traders will help you to understand the various types of valuations and select which type to use for your antique appraisal. An insurance appraisal will reflect the retail costs you'd pay if you had to file a claim to replace the piece. Fair market or estate appraisals show the amount you could expect to receive under current market conditions should you decide to sell off your item. Wholesale is the price you'd receive if you offer your item to an antique reseller.