Replace The Thermocouple To Get Your Gas Furnace Back Into Operating Order

If the pilot light to your gas furnace keeps going out, you won't be able to heat your home. Replacing the thermocouple can correct the problem. This part works as a sensor and generates electricity when you turn on your furnace. If it malfunctions, however, it cannot sense that the pilot light is on and will turn off, causing the flame to go out. Replacing this part is not difficult and it will correct the problem.

Use The Following Items

  • flashlight
  • dust mask
  • dust cloth
  • adjustable wrench
  • vacuum cleaner

Remove The Thermocouple

Before you remove the thermocouple, check to make sure that your furnace is turned off. Cover your face with a dust mask. The inside of your furnace may have a lot of dust present and the mask will prevent you from breathing it in. Open the access panel to your furnace. Use a flashlight to help you locate the thermocouple. It is a long metal cylinder that is enclosed in a bracket.

Two thin wires are attached to the side of the thermocouple and are connected next to the pilot light assembly. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts that are holding the thermocouple in place. Pull the clips that are holding the wires in place away from the pilot light and slide the thermocouple out of the bracket.

Insert The New Thermocouple

You can purchase the replacement thermocouple ahead of time as long as you know the model number of your furnace. To make sure that you buy the proper part, bring the old one with you to the store when you go to get the replacement. Slide the new thermocouple through the bracket. Insert the bolts and nuts and tighten them with the wrench. Reattach the clips to the pilot light assembly. Wipe away any dust that is in the interior part of the furnace with a cloth. This will prevent unnecessary buildup in your furnace.

Test Out Your Repair

Turn the power to your furnace back on and relight the pilot light. Once you have adjusted the thermostat to the temperature you desire, you should begin feeling heat blow through the vents. If so, you have successfully fixed the problem. Keep your furnace operating the correct way by cleaning out the inside of the access panel each month or after excessive use. Using a dust cloth will remove most of it. If the buildup is thick, use the hose from a vacuum cleaner to assist with removing it.  

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact a heating repair company in your area.