Evicting Your Tiny Rodent Roomates

Mice may look furry and cute, but having a mouse loose in your house is no laughing matter. Mice are dirty little pests that can carry disease, ruin your food, and reproduce quickly. They are also fast little creatures who like to party at night, so you may never even see your furry roommates. Mice will leave their mark by eating your food, rustling in the walls, and leaving droppings behind for you to find.

It is important to catch and dispose of mice at the first sign they are hanging around. If you wait too long, you may end up with an infestation. When disposing of mice, live or dead, be sure to wear rubber or latex gloves to avoid the risk of disease.


Snap Traps Snap traps are inexpensive and easy to use. These are the little wooden traps that you can bait with peanut butter and leave out around the house. For those who hate the pests but who don't want to kill them, this isn't the option for you. These traps will kill the mice, and will do it quickly. Set snap traps along the wall at a right angle. One or two traps will not solve your problem. Set multiple traps, but be cautious if you have children or pets. You may want to consider another option if a curious child or animal will be roaming the house.

Humane Box Traps These traps lure the mouse in, but then trap it so that it cannot get out. They will not kill the mouse, so make sure to check the boxes daily. When you have caught a mouse, don't simply let it out in your backyard! You will be guaranteed to have your unwanted visitor back. Instead, drive a distance from your house. Go at least a mile from your home and try to find a heavily wooded area that will give the mouse plenty of room to roam.

Sticky (Glue) Traps Sticky traps will not kill the mice immediately. It traps the mice by luring them to it and then trapping the mouse in the adhesive. They will survive for days before inevitably dying of starvation. If you attempt to dispose of a glue trap with a live rodent on it, be sure you are wearing a heavy glove and expect some resistance from the frightened animal. If you are looking for the most humane option, this isn't it.


Poisonous baits are a tasty treat for mice. However, most do not work immediately. It can take hours to days for the poison to kick in and take effect. It is not a good idea to use bait in the house, as children and other animals can get into it. Also, since they don't trap and kill the mice immediately, the rodents will wander into their hiding places to die. This will result in a stinky mess when you can't find the creature, especially if they are hidden in a wall.


Mice aren't a fan of peppermint. Try placing peppermint oil on cotton balls and leaving them around the house, especially places where you think the mice are entering. Peppermint plants will also get the job done. Other scents that may deter mice are garlic and ammonia, though peppermint will leave your house smelling the nicest. 

If none of these tips are working, call a company like Eagle Pest Eliminators for professional help getting rid of the mice in your house.