Getting Your Backyard Ready For Summer Partying Without Breaking Your Budget

Is your backyard ready for a luau? As summer approaches, many families find themselves firing up the grill and entertaining in the comfort of their backyards. Graduation parties, barbecues, and summer holidays are all great reasons for an outdoor party, but is your yard ready? Here are some decorating ideas that will keep your backyard ready for a party, while allowing you to save your budget for the food.

Simple is Better

Buying matching dinnerware, cups, and table decorations for each event can become a never-ending battle, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. Instead, opt for reusable cups and plates in more neutral tones, such as white or clear plastic. If you are concerned with your table and chairs not matching, invest in a plastic-coated, outdoor tablecloth that will hide any stains or blemishes in your patio table, and take the attention away from your chairs. By using simple, neutral colors for your place-settings, you can reuse the dishes and tablecloth for every event, saving you money on things like paper plates and disposable table-cloths.

Decorate with Accents

You can easily keep each event unique by decorating with simple accents. Use thematic elements in things like napkins and centerpieces. This keeps the party festive without breaking your budget on decorations. 

Speaking of centerpieces, one easy and super cute way to decorate is to take a mason jar and fill the bottom with rice and a tea light, then tie a piece of ribbon around the mouth of the jar. You can change out the ribbon for every event. For example: you could use a piece of patriotic ribbon for Independence Day, a flowered ribbon for a luau, or a piece of twine for a barbecue.

Don't Forget the Lighting

While the summer days are a lot longer than ones in the winter, it is still nice to have some extra lighting to set the mood for a party. Rather than stringing LED rope lights all over your yard, or getting paper lanterns that will melt if it rains, opt for pretty, decorative lanterns that can be left up all of the time. Use cheap lanterns online that can be painted to match your patio decor to add ambiance and a warm glow to your parties.

By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your back patio is always ready for a party. Reduce wasted spending on paper goods, opt for simple decorations, and use lighting to create a festive atmosphere. That way, you can focus your party budget on the best part--the food!