Simple Tricks To Make Installing A Graywater Irrigation System Simple

According to, with every laundry wash cycle, you could be using as much as 45 gallons of water if you have an older washing machine. Once a wash cycle is complete, all of that water used in the cycle is just eliminated into the sewer system of your home. Gray water is actually very useful for your lawn and landscape, allowing you to keep the area well hydrated. It is just a matter of recapturing this used water on its way out of the house and distributing it to the right places. Here are a few simple tricks to help you achieve this water-efficient feat at your house.

Install a Three-Way Diversion Valve in the Laundry Room

A three-way diversion valve is one of the most useful plumbing fixtures and can be used in a lot of ways. This handy little fixture will be solely responsible for allowing you to harvest wash water after every cycle, without having to struggle to do it. The three-way diversion valve connects to the outgoing drain line of your washing machine and has a valve that you can open and close to determine when you want water going to the regular drain or to a secondary drain line that leads to your irrigation system. The valve takes very little effort to install and will allow you to harvest the water on an as-needed basis.

Get to Know the Geographical Lay of the Land

When you install an irrigation system for gray water drainage, you could end up with small rubber irrigation lines all over your lawn. Even if they are tucked neatly beneath the ground, these things can be incredibly difficult to install and a lot of trouble to maintain. Before you go crazy with the lines, make sure you get familiar with the geographical structure of your property. Sloped areas will irrigate themselves naturally as long as you have a line running over the edge at higher levels, and the last thing you want is irrigation lines leading to low-lying areas that will naturally already get a lot of moisture. It is a good idea to take a look at a geographical land survey of your property if you have one available, but if not, take a few minutes to walk over your lawn and draw a simple diagram on your own. 

Lawn maintenance in dry areas can be a major hassle, especially when it comes to making sure the yard is getting enough moisture. While a gray water irrigation system is a logical choice, make sure you use these simple tips to make the project much easier to accomplish. For more information, visit sites like