Choosing A Comfortable, Big And Tall Home Office Chair

If you are tall or overweight, then buying a comfortable home office chair requires several special considerations. The most important of which include:

  • adjustable armrests, seat back, and seat angle
  • a properly weight-rated hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • sturdy upholstery, frame, and casters

Below is information about each aspect of choosing a comfortable, big and tall home office chair:

Adjustable Armrests, Seat Back, and Seat Angle

If you are a very tall person, then you need an office chair that has a high back, higher armrests, and a seat space long enough for your entire thigh to be on the seat. However, larger folks need a wider seat and often shorter spaces in the seat and lower armrests. 

When buying a home office chair, you need to buy a model that allows you to adjust all of the following:

  • armrest height and width
  • seat back height
  • headrest and lumbar spine support
  • seat tilt

In addition, there should be a locking mechanism so that your chair will not be constantly tilting as you move around in the seat.

A Properly Weight-Rated Hydraulic Lifting Mechanism

Home office chairs raise and lower using a simple hydraulic mechanism that is under constant pressure. The pressure inside of the mechanism is what allows you to easily raise your chair, even if it is made out of heavy-duty materials.

Office chairs are sold with a weight rating for their hydraulic mechanisms. You should always purchase a chair with a higher weight rating than your family members require. For example, if the heaviest person in your family weighs 300 pounds, then you should choose a chair rated for at least 350 pounds to ensure that it will be able to stand up to daily use.

Sturdy Upholstery, Frame, and Casters

Chairs made for taller and larger people need to have upholstery that is well stitched and offers ample padding for long-term sitting comfort. Some good options for upholstery choices are leather and microfiber.

The frame for your new chair should be made of stainless steel. While lighter chairs are sold with aluminum frames, stainless steel is very strong and will not bend after repeated use of your chair. Solid wood is also a nice choice for an executive-style leather chair, but you must ensure that the chair's frame is actually made of solid pieces of wood and not a plywood product.

Finally, since you are asking your home office chair to hold excess weight, metal casters are a must have. Plastic casters will not hold up over time and will break as your roll around in your office chair. To learn more about your options, explore chairs sold by companies like Office Furniture Barn.