No Small Parts, Just Small Theaters: Setting Up A Home Theater In A Tiny Bedroom

If you have a small room in your home, you may have trouble with ideas on what to do with it. Though a smaller than average room may be designated as a bedroom, if it is too small it may not be feasible as a long term bedroom for someone who may need space. If you want to do something fun with your tiny bedroom, consider making your fun size bedroom into a home theater room. Here are some tips on creating a big screen room in a small space.

Suspend your projector and screen from the ceiling

In such a small room, you will need to do anything possible to save space. Instead of putting your projector on a stand, you should suspend your home theater projector from the ceiling. Make sure to line up the projector and the screen so that it will display evenly and completely. You can suspend the projector by chains in a manner similar to chandeliers or you can hang a ceiling projection holder to keep it stationary. 

Keep the seating close together and close to the ground

The best way to make sure that there is plenty of space in a small room is to keep the seating together instead of having separate chairs. For your tiny theater, consider a couch that expands the entire wall opposite of the screen. If the room is too narrow to take a long sectional sofa, look for bean bag seats or large cushions that can work as seating for the theater room. You want to make sure to keep the seating away from the screen and low so that everyone in the room can easily see the screen, even if it is smaller than usual.

Install a sound bar

The good thing about a small bedroom is that sound is much easier to project. Instead of large speakers, one sound bar pushed against the same wall as the projector will work for your speakers. A small table or a floating shelf can hold the bar, so that the sound is not pointed towards the ground and is not muffled. Be sure that the sound bar and the shelf that holds the bar are slim and do not protrude farther than a foot from the wall to keep the used space at a minimum.

Add snacks to the corner

Although you may have to skimp on the seating and on the size of the equipment, one thing you shouldn't skimp on is the snacks. Place an old fashioned popcorn maker in one of the corners of the room. Beside the seating area, store a miniature cooler that can hold a few cans of soda, juice, or water. Having available snacks and comfortable seating will make your small square foot theater the perfect place to relax for a tiny getaway.