Pest Control 101: 3 Visible Signs Of Termites

Termites are silent invaders that enter your home, colonize, and feast on the wood. As you might expect, these tiny insects can cause huge problems for your home. From structural damage to minor cracks or holes, termites can easily eat their way throughout the wood in your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Unfortunately, termites are often hard to detect. Luckily, there are some telltale signs that will notify you that you need termite control immediately.

So what signs should you be looking for? Here are three warning signs that you might be sharing your house with termites:

1. Insect Wings

Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs of termites are insect wings. During their reproductive cycle, they will swarm. However, they only fly for a short distance—so if they are already in your home, you'll likely see the aftermath. After flying, they'll take their wings off. If there is a colony living in your home, you'll likely find piles of these insect wings. Usually the wings will be located near windows and doorways, as they attempt to enter (or leave) your home. You can tell they are termite wings, and not ant wings, because both wings will be the same size.

2. Small Tubes

Another sign of termites are small tubes throughout your lawn—or anywhere dirt meets your home. However, you might also find these tubes near food sources, such as trees. Also known as mud tubes, these small tubes are where the termites live. The tubes create a humid environment, which termites thrive in. If you find any of these tubes on your property, carefully remove a section of the tube with a small shovel or hoe. If termites begin walking out of the tube, you have a live colony on your property. If not, it's still worth calling an exterminator; as the termites may have simply relocated.

3. Fecal Matter

Finally, you might also notice fecal matter in your home. Termite feces is small and wood colored. It has the appearance of sawdust. So if you notice anything that looks like sawdust in your home—and it shouldn't be there—it's likely that you have a termite infestation.

While termites can cause serious issues with your home, they can be controlled. If you believe you have termites, contact a termite control specialist for help. These professionals can help eliminate the termites and prevent them from returning.