How to Remove Pet-Urine Odors Completely When Replacing Your Carpet

If you have a dog that has wet all over your carpet, replacing the carpet will help with the odors, but it might not eliminate the smell completely. There are a couple extra steps you may need to do before getting your new carpet installed, and here are a few of the most important things you should consider doing.

Remove All the Padding

There are times when people replace carpet in a room and leave the existing padding to be reused with the new carpet. If your dog has urinated on your carpet, you will not be able to do this. You will have to remove all the old padding along with the carpet because the padding will also contain urine. If you leave the padding, you will not get rid of the urine odors in your home.

Check the Subfloor

The subfloor is the flooring material you will find under the padding, and subfloor is typically made of wood. While this wooden floor will not become smelly from just one or two pet accidents, but it can begin getting stinky if a pet continually wets on the carpet. This is because wood is porous. In other words, it absorbs liquids. Each time the urine soaks through your carpet and padding, it will end up saturating the wood.

If you want to make sure you totally eliminate the urine smells, you should get down on the floor and smell the wood subfloor to see if it stinks. In addition, you should look for signs of staining on it. If you see stains, they are likely from the urine. In this situation, you will need to remove the entire subfloor and replace it with new wood. This can cost a significant amount of extra money, but it will be the only way to get rid of pet smells.

If you are afraid your dog will continue having accidents, you may want to take one additional step. This extra step is sealing your new subfloor. You can do this by painting several coats of paint on it. If your dog wets on your new carpet and it seeps through, it will not be able to penetrate into the wood. This means that your new subfloor should never have to be replaced in the future.

Replacing carpet in a home is a big job, but it can make a difference with the way your house smells. To learn more, contact a carpet installation company such as Carpet Depot Inc today.