Outdoor Candle Lantern Ideas For A Wedding Reception

Few things are more romantic than the soft glow of candles on a warm evening. If you're holding your wedding reception outdoors, consider lighting up the night with charming candle lanterns rather than bright, electric bulbs.

To reduce the risk of a fire hazard, especially if you live in a dry climate, you can use LED candles instead of the real thing. LED candles will give off the same warm glow and will last all night. Depending on how much time you have to create the decor and the size of your budget, you can either buy the candle lanterns or make them yourself using everyday items. 

Here are a few outdoor wedding reception candle lantern ideas to consider:

1. Glass and Wrought Iron Lanterns

Popular glass and wrought-iron lanterns have a classic look, making them ideal for both elegant and rustic receptions. The lanterns' glass doors open, so you can place tealights or pillar candles, along with some other decor items such as faux ivy or glass beads, into them. 

These lanterns are easy to customize and can hang from tree branches, barn rafters, or wherever else they're needed.

2. Glass Jar Lanterns

Homemade glass jar lanterns will give your wedding celebration a rustic-chic touch. Start with either clear or blue glass mason jars, and fill the bottoms with small pebbles, sand, or glass gems, depending on the reception theme. Place a tealight or votive candle into each jar.

Next, wrap a piece of wire around the neck of each jar, and attach handmade wire handles to them for hanging. 

3. Tin Can Lanterns 

Another fast and simple way to lend a charming, country-inspired look to your outdoor reception is with tin can lanterns. Start by peeling the labels off of aluminum cans, completely removing the lids, and thoroughly cleaning them out with soap and water.

Then use a metal puncher to create small designs, such as hearts or stars, all over the can. When you place tealights or votive candles in the lanterns, the light will shine through the patterns. Create a wire handle for hanging using the same method as the glass jar lanterns. 

4. Glass Tealight Ball Lanterns 

As one more inexpensive and easy idea, buy several clear glass tealight balls, which are hand-blown spheres with small openings in the front. They will give the outdoor space a sophisticated touch when hung from tree branches over the dining table.  After the reception, you can use the holders for hanging air plants in your home. 

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